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Identity theft

You may not know your identity has been taken until a debt collector contacts you. It can destroy your credit score, preventing you from being approved for loans, getting an apartment, or even credit cards. If you suspect someone has used your identity, you need to check all three of the major credit reporting bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) to measure the extent of the damage.


Watch Out For These Types of Identity Theft:











Credit Report Errors

Don’t be afraid to check your credit; it is not as harmful as you are told! Credit report errors can happen to anyone, and you don’t want an error to be what stops you from applying for a loan for a new home, buying a car, or trying to sign a lease to an apartment.


Errors Can Happen From:


Poor Public Record Information


A Victim’s Credit History Is Damaged By Identity Theft


Incorrect Payment Histories


Incorrect Reflection Of Statuses Of Accounts


Incomplete Credit Information


Unauthorized Use of Your Credit Card

Bankruptcy Errors

Be free from the past and ensure your bankruptcy discharge went into effect. Oftentimes, bankruptcy can still appear on your credit report and affect your future. Don’t let the past dictate your future, and ensure your report is correct! It is up to the creditors to report discharged debt, and if they have yet to zero it out, find an attorney to help!

Background Check Errors

Background checks are occasionally inaccurate due to errors made by the companies collecting the information. It could be because someone has a name similar to yours, or it could be that you were charged with a crime and exonerated, but the crime remained in your report. Regardless, an incorrect background report can halt your entire life. Restore your reputation and fix the errors!

Don’t Allow a Credit Issue to Stop You.

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